Let's Run Away

Sometimes when you click it is magical.

Extended Visits, & Traveling out of Province or Country

Let's travel and see the world together! Even if our destination is a pile of pillows.

For those seeking sweetness from an Ontario Companion when I come to you.

Please view Spring Fling under Packages.

$6,500 ~ The Layover Extended - 2 nights/2 Days

$10,000 ~ Grand Adventures For 2- 4 nights/5 Days

$15,000 ~ The Getaway We Needed - 7 nights/8 Days

$22,500 ~ Touring The World Together - 14 nights/15 Days

$2,500 ~ Additional Days or Partial Days

~ I typically come to you, or with you at your expense.~

~ Electronic or Credit Methods Not Available.~

Are you more 'adventurous'?

Please add $500/day for more spicy visits, or times when you'd like me to S/switch it up.

Negotiation absolutely required prior to our visit.