Our Mini Vacations

Let's visit while I am travelling.

Whichever City I'm Visiting...

I want to have a mini vacation with you!

Touring is not always viable, but coming to visit you as an Ontario companion is! With that said... Magical moments where a friend invites me to go with her on a trip will occasionally happen... Well then we are getting onto some serious fun!

If we have previously met...

You may be entitled to my previous structure.

If I am touring and this is our first meeting:

$200~ Coffee, Tea, or Me? (half hour - this is only when already at a location due to expenses)

$300~ A brief Introduction (1 Hour)

$500~ The Gentleman's Hour (1.5 Hours)

$600~ Lost In The Moment (2 Hours)

$850~ Don't Let This End (3 Hours)

$1,100~  Executives Lunch (4 Hours ~1 Social)

$1,400~ Dinner & Dessert (6 Hours ~ 1.5 Social)

$1,750~ Event To Remember (8 Hours ~ 3 Social)

$2,500~ Dessert & Breakfast Too (12 Hours ~ Social included)

$4,000~ Satin & Silk For The Day (24 Hours ~ Social  included)

~ Three's Company Too! ~

~ Longer than 24 hours addressed on my Extended Travel page. ~

~ Electronic or Credit Methods Not Typically Available.~

~ Visiting other countries the currency is that of the local economy.~

~Travel costs may apply when if other places without a vehicle.~

~Please add $150 to all visits of 4 hours or less in NYC/LA/London.~

2 hr minimums apply if I am getting a space specifically to visit with you in Downtown Toronto, NYC, DC, LA & London (UK) while I am visiting your area.~

~Let me cook for you... Simplistic, Comfort, or Elegance Packages available on 2 hrs or longer.~

Are you more 'adventurous'?

Please add $50/hr for more spicy visits, or times when you'd like me to S/switch it up.

Negotiation absolutely required prior to our visit.