• Evaline Desire

Whipped cream, and retro writing!

This is truly a piece of retro writing. It is pure fantasy for both myself, and my reader. It is something I've never quite replicated, but have enjoyed trying many times. 

The Artful BJ

My hands sliding to reach up and around your neck, with my fingers gently teasing the nape of your neck, I lean in. Our lips meet and my lips kissing you deeply with my tongue entering your mouth slowly yet firmly. My fingers slip around to unbutton the top of your shirt. My lips moving to your jaw line to kiss it softly as my hands make my way down the front of you. My hips moving against yours suggestively. My fingers move to the next button while my lips and tongue are teasing your neck. You feel me leaning in to reach your ear lobe and very softly alternating between sucking it and a gentle graze of my teeth. My fingers move to the next button. My lips move towards your collarbone, then to the hollow between your collarbone and your neck gently being teases by the tip of my tongue. My hips slowly gyrating against yours.

My breasts pressing against you. Me trying to keep them there even though my hands are still trying to slowly unbutton your shirt. My fingers move to the next button. My lips moving lower. By this point I can move your shirt aside, so my tongue and lips gently play across your chest, moving towards your right nipple. I cover it with my mouth...

My hands slip down to pull your hips closer, as I lick and tease it. My teeth teasing it ever so gently.

My hands slip around the front of you. In between us my fingers find your belt buckle as my mouth continues to gently minister to your nipple. You feel the belt come free. My fingers slowly work your pants open. While I move up towards your lips for a kiss. Our tongues meet in an erotic dance. My fingers then move up and quickly undo the last of the buttons on your shirt. Then slide up to your shoulders to slip your shirt off. All the while kissing you slowly and deeply. Your bare arms slide around me. Your hands reach down and hold my hips to you. Your chest is rubbing against mine. My hands slide down to push your pants off your hips and all the way off you. They come to a halt on the floor and you step out of them. Your cock visibly straining for contact. 

Slowly I move down your body. My lips kissing as I go. My breasts rubbing against your body with your cocks sliding between my breasts as I move lower. My mouth is so close to your cock now that you can feel the heat from it. I grab a pillow and place it under my knees. Spreading your legs slightly as my fingers start a gentle teasing, which is followed by my mouth, around the base of your cock, and across your balls.

My fingers move into your hair as I give a light lick up your cock. Moving to take your balls into my mouth and very gently licking teasing and sucking them. Then moving a little bit lower. To gently graze that very sensitive spot with my tongue... My fingers on one hand teasing the shaft of your cock, and on the other hand holding your ass in place so you can’t escape me. My mouth moving slowly back up your balls and again taking them into my mouth licking and suckling them softly. Moving up the shaft with the most delicate kisses. My tongue gently darting from between my lips to tease you while my lips meet the head of your cock and my tongue gently swirls around it. My lips part more taking only the very tip into my mouth. Then pulling back. My hands still caressing your balls and holding your ass in place as your hand moves and you gently caress my cheek in a soft plea for more.

I slowly take more of your cock into my mouth all of the head now. My tongue is teasing it, licking it, while my mouth suckles on it. I pull back again and open my mouth so that my lips are not touching you at all. I move so that I have just a little more of your cock in my mouth and close my lips around it. Suckling you into my mouth a little more... The fingers on my hand holding your ass clutching softly. Me wanting to take you all the way but knowing how much I want to tease you, I am attempting to hold some control.

You hear a soft whimper from me, and a gentle moan. I suckle as I pull back... My tongue toying across the base of your shaft and in that little area right where the crown of your cock starts. Wetting my lips more as I again open my mouth, careful not to fully touch your cock. I take more of it into my mouth so I have 3/4 of it in this time, but I am still not taking it all. I suck you a bit more strongly this time. You can see my body shaking and my hips moving in excitement. I slowly slide the rest of the way down your cock, my lips meeting the base, holding it there for a second. Then pulling back a little for the sake of comfort and I begin to suck it in earnest.

My hand slips from your balls for a moment to reach around and join the other on your ass... My mouth moves up and down your cock stroking it while at the same time my tongue plays and my mouth suckles. Your hand moves in my hair, holding it out of my face as I look up. Looking deeply into your eyes and I continue to suck your cock. Gradually sucking with more intensity. Licking and sucking. My hand slips back around the front to reach up and stroke your nipple.

Feeling your cock throb and your balls start to tighten against my chin. My breasts brush against your thighs. My other hand moves from your ass around to your balls so that I am stoking those as well. Gently cupping them I suckle your cock. My fingers are playing on your nipple.

I feel it building in you... I start to move a little more quickly. My hips moving from need. Wanting to taste you, wanting to feel your cum in my mouth. Feel your cock throbbing as it pours every drop onto my tongue. Your fingers tighten in my hair a little, still holding loosely to allow me control, yet guiding me to the pace you need. My body starts to shake as I feel you stiffen slightly. Driving into my mouth with a motion of your hips. My fingers slipping from your balls to hold on to your ass, suckling and waiting to taste you! As the cum flows into my mouth. It's fast and hot.

My hips move once more and you see my back arch. The intensity of you coming in my mouth has made me go over the top, and I have an orgasm of my own. A little moan escapes as I gently take all you have to give, and I feel the trickle of moisture on the inside of my thighs.

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