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When Lips Meet

As a woman who is openly polyamorous, and rather affectionate with her friends... I've typically found that the first kiss I experience with someone will tell me a lot about how our connection will progress. Light and playful, deep and intense, long and lingering... Or perhaps they just don't kiss as I do and it's a graze of their lips against mine. There really is no wrong way to kiss unless you fail to go with your partners flow... There should be a level of adaptation in your kiss to allow a connection to blossom between you and your partner in kiss. I know I certainly get wrapped up in kisses, and the memories of kisses I've experienced.

Light and playful is often accompanied by a bit of silliness, or at the very least it is quite light hearted. Maybe there's a bottom lip nibble, or a bum wiggle and a playful "pretend" prance away for a moment before I return for another kiss. I find this can be just what one needs to have a bit of escape from a busy day to day. Giggles, bright eyes and some playful banter... It's bright, it's fun, it's like grabbing a bag of those sweet & sour mixed candies... You're not really sure what what you're about to taste, but you know there's going to be a bit of variety and the unknown coming your way.

Deep and intense is often accompanied by a different type of playfulness. The playfulness quickly fades into something far more insistent and demanding. Sometimes it's that kiss while you're leaning against the wall for balance... Sometimes it's the crawling towards someone like you're going to devour them. There's often this palpable tension that builds between you, and sometimes the next day you're left trying to figure out why you're a bit achy, sore and have that oddly paced bruise on your thigh. It's a bit like that box of dark chocolate truffles as you sample each one... The taste wraps you up in this wave of pleasure that is almost too much and a bit overwhelming, and yet you find yourself reaching for another so you can experience the intensity of the flavour wave all over again.

Long and lingering is often accompanied by the entwined embrace, and perhaps fingertips grazing ones cheek. The world starts to slowly simultaneously fade away and to spin all at once. The kiss starts to slow, and you think you're about to step away from one another and then you lean in for another lingering kiss. I've found this is a rare moment where you simply have to embrace the sensations, and the experience... Just enjoy the "now", and put the rest of the world on the back burner for the stolen moment in time. This kiss is like an intricate layer cake... Each layer has a distinct flavour, and texture which are interwoven to create the most beautiful symphony of flavour that completely enthrals you with each taste.

The graze of the lips without a deepening of the kiss is one I've struggled to master. It's not inherently my style so I struggle with it when I experience this style of kisses. I've have to reset my brain to reassure myself that this is simply the style of kiss they prefer. It took me a long time to be able to adapt to this particular kiss... I found it left me wanting and needing more of a connection until I learned to recognize that these kisses are more like when you delicately taste whipped cream off the tip of your finger. You enjoy the subtly of the kiss, and yet are left wanting more.

No matter if your first kiss is a chaste brush of the lips, or an intense introduction to your sensual nature... The moment you allow yourself to be lost in that moment it will become so much more than "just a kiss". That kiss will open doors within you for new experiences, and adventures yet to be discovered. At the very least you will exercise a number of muscles puckering up... And hopefully be flooded with dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin (as well as more kisses). What a fascinating cocktail of feel good hormones our body experiences when our lips meet.


Evaline Desire

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