• Evaline Desire

The Café Experience...

I was a woman with her man. How we got there in the first place... The dynamics behind closed doors were all but forgotten in the beautiful simplicity of the moment.

Sexy strappy heels, a dress with the perfect blend of flowy cling, a silky scarf tied tightly at the base of my neck, braless with no panties (which I rarely ever do)... There was no doubt that I'd already been sensually inspired as we made our way to the café. Nipples brushing against the fabric as my breasts swayed gently as we wandered the streets. 

Suit, shirt, no tie... Top button undone, and paired with great shoes. Casual elegance that perfectly suited the day. I couldn't help but admire the swagger you exhibited. 

Upon arrival at the café we'd been seated on the patio. We had moved our chairs to be side by side. To enjoy the view, speak softly, and steal kisses from each other's softly expectant lips.

My eyes wide with wonder taking everything in... The sights, sounds of the street, the beauty of words spoken in a language I only understand at the most basic level. Then realizing your fingertips rested upon my thigh. The heat of your fingertips scorching a trail along my thigh through that dress I now realize was little barrier at all.

I started to squirm in my seat very delicately. The smile playing across your lips had low moans starting deep within my throat. We excused ourselves, paid and left the beautiful café behind us. Stealing kisses as we walked hand in hand back to the hotel. Your fingertips urgently finding the button for the elevator. 

We finally get back to our room, the door closes, and I lean back against the wall. Legs spread wide as you sink to your knees at my feet... My fingers lacing through your hair as your lips move along my inner thigh. Your hands come up to cup the backs of my thighs, as your mouth covers me...

Suckling. Tongue probing. My hips tilting... Purring noises, and little growls coming from me as I rock against your mouth.

Your hand moves. You know how I like it! What I need right now. I feel fingers sliding into me as I hear you sigh in delight. The rivulets of my wetness... Evidence of my excitement... Slowly drips down your hand onto the cuff of your suit. 

I lace my fingers through your hair. Tugging you upward, and making you stand. Pulling you closer as I rub my wanton, wetness against you. Growling out a single word... 'Now!' 

I step away from the wall. Tugging you along behind me by the hand. When we reach the bed I face you again. Sitting on the edge while I unfasten your pants. I lick my lips and look up into your eyes... 

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