• Evaline Desire

She sleeps...

The microfiber sheets feel cool and soft as she slides into bed... The satin duvet lovingly wraps around her as her head rests upon her favourite down pillow. She snuggles into the pile of pillows littering her bed, and hugs a second down pillow to her chest.

Her eyelids flutter closed as her mind wanders through the possibilities awaiting her in her dreams... Perhaps tonight she'll dream of firm lips, strong hands and sharp angles. Perhaps she'll dream of soft lips, fluttering eyelashes, and enticing curves. She almost purrs with anticipation. Will it be her partners she dreams of tonight, or will it be a lover yet to come into her world?

Restlessness weaves it's presence through her dreams. Her legs gliding across the silky sheets. Her breathing becomes more shallow, and her breath hitches a little over the kiss being stolen from her lips deep in her dream.

The softest moan escapes her as she dreams of those hands moving over her body. The angles... The curves... The lips!

Her thighs spread a little... Hips moving almost imperceptibly as the damp heat builds between her legs. Her fingers find their way to her breasts as her back arches ever so slightly. Thighs coming together to massage her with the pressure against her excited, damp, throbbing mound...

Her dream deepens to a place where the thoughts begin to fall over themselves. Thought after thought. Image after tantalizing image swirling in her mind... Stirring a soul deep need for you.

A little whimper as her brow furrows with her growing frustrations... Her undeniable need for release. Her need to lay herself bare before you. To feel you reaching for her, pulling her closer as your lips meet hers, and her body arches more fiercely toward yours. Her hands greedily pulling you closer to her as her legs wrap around your waist in her greedy dream state.

Her right hand slides from her wanton nipple towards her wet, greedy pussy while her left hand cups her breasts a little tighter... Fingers and thumb coming together and stroking the nipple... Pulling it firmly taut as her body arches again. Her fingers on her right hand sliding between the folds of her wet lips... Grazing her throbbing clit between them... Catching it in the V of her fingers as the tips play with the entrance. She feels the moisture coating her fingers in slickness as her fingertips slip inside. The palm of her hand cupping that hard, throbbing clit as they spread her wide the delicate pink inner lips.

Her body stretching to accommodate her fingers as the mound at the base of her thumb rubs hard against her aching, needy clit... The rivulets of moisture slickly pouring from her now as her fingers stroke the inside of her velvety pussy... Gliding past her oh so accessible g-spot as her palm grinds against that beautiful, proud clit. Need forcing her left hand to slide down her body to join the right. Her eyelids flutter as her eyes roll back in her head with pleasure. Her dream state deepening as her hips buck her beautiful, swollen pussy into her hands. Each slow gyration of her hips forcing her pussy into her waiting hands. Harder... Deeper... Slowly wringing pleasure from herself in the depths of her dream.

Her need for your touch driving the frenzy of desire to depths she cannot even speak of when she's awake. Her lips part as she latches her teeth onto your chest in her dream. Not hard enough that she'd have tasted the copper tinge upon her tongue... Just hard enough to leave the impression of her need on your skin. Marking you as her own for a time in that hazy dream state she's fallen into.

Feet gliding over those silky sheets and knees shifting restlessly under the weight of her duvet as the moisture flows freely from her now. Her hips bucking even harder to force her pussy into her own hands... The fingers of her right buried deep insider herself as the left hand cups the mound and forcefully pushes against her clit.

The explosion of sensation washes over her body as a cry wrings itself from her lips... Almost bringing her from the depths of this incredibly erotic dream. The clenching ripples of her pussy gripping her own fingers. The sheen of exertion covering her torso under the sheets. Her thighs laid wide, quivering with the intensity of the rolling shocks of pleasure coursing through her body. Hands pressed more firmly into her most sensitive place so her hips can gently rock into them... Wringing wave after wave from herself until she's spent.

Her arms relax their tension as the pleasure subsidies... Falling away from her body as she shifts in her sleep. Rolling away from the dampness instinctively. Clutching that second down pillow to her chest once again with her mostly dry fingers. Breathing in the scent of pleasure as she nuzzles the pillow in her arms. Settling sweetly on her side with a contented smile upon her.lips.

It's not until morning that her eyes flutter open and she realizes it was just a dream. A bitter sweet dream of pleasure... As she shifts to swing out of bed the residual dampness touches her skin and she smiles to herself. 'Ah' she thinks... 'One of those dreams...'

'Did you feel it too lover?' She wonders as she brings her fingers to rest upon her smiling lips. She inhales slowly drawing in the scent of the night before primal dream sex as she muses over how fortunate she's sleeping alone this weekend. No need to explain how she gives her body to you in the depths of the darkest nights.

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