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Poetry and parties!

I know I seem composed, and completely comfortable when I attend a party. It truly is part of my charm (or is it more a part of a skillset I'm blessed to possess?).

It's not an Evaline Desire blog post without some insight into "me" so here it is:

I have serious social anxiety and probably had some positive self talk going on in my head so I could convince myself it was a good idea to go to the party.

I'm always glad I talked myself into going (or at the very least I failed to talk myself out of going).

I recently attended a fantastic holiday party hosted by the lovely Kylie Spears (if you're unfamiliar with this petite cutie... check her out at www.kylietreats.com). It was a pleasure to attend, and I was so thrilled to hear over $300 was raised for the Chum City Christmas Wish.

Other fantastic things came out of the party... Reconnecting with old friends, and making new. One new friend started writing me a poem before the party ended. I've asked permission to share it on my blog:

I'm at a Christmas party trying to act real cool

Little did I know I'd find an amazing woman in a stool

I passed by her 3-4 times getting at some treats

I soon found out she follows me and kind of likes my tweets

We staŕted talking about ourselves, she liked my facial hair

Suddenly it was crystal clear she was the smartest there

She has a very kinky side, she likes to take control 

That's fine with me, I don't really care, orgasms are my goal

I told her I like whips and crops, then she showed me some pics 

Many outfits, different designs, quite a sexy mix

There is a part 2 which I've decided to keep to myself. I still grin as I read it. My favourite line from part 2 was:

She started moan and groan a bit, and did that purring thing,  

For she realized she won the lottery, cause I am a massage king!

Purring over massage seems to be a thing I do. ☺️😍😘 Thanks Chump! 

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