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Piles of Pillows

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

She looks over her shoulder as she walks through the doorway. Checking that he has followed her, and making sure he looks as excited as she feels. She can't believe that he is there with her, and feels a wave of nervousness washing over her. What if...

"It's been so long" she says softly as she closes the bedroom door.

"Too long!" he replies as he reaches out to pull her into his arms.

Their lips meet. Softly, hesitantly, and almost bashfully at first. Neither are sure of themselves this time. So much history, and yet the time apart was never so painful as this time had been. As the kiss deepens between them a sense of urgency fills the air. Her hands knot in the back of his dress shirt. His hands trail up her body lifting her dress slightly as he pulls her closer. A sound low in her throat tells him that she is starting to lose herself in the moment. He pulls back to look into her eyes, she giggles and then nips his bottom lip gently.

"I should move the pillows off the bed" she says with a slightly husky tone to her voice as she starts to pull away from him.

"I don't care about the pillows" he groans as he pulls her back to him. "All I want is to be inside you. Now!" Pulling her toward the bed he leans his head down to capture her lips with his. His fingers gliding down her body to find the edge of her hemline. Lifting it and slipping his fingertips between her thighs. "So wet..." he growls as his fingers caress the silky material of her panties.

She feels the mattress press against the back of her legs as she realizes they've crossed the room without her noticing. She'd been so caught up in the moment. Her hand slips between them to unbuckle his belt, and deftly unzip his suit pants. His cock heavy and straining against her hand as she fumbled with the button one handed. The button gives way and it forcefully pushes past the barrier of his satin boxers. "Please..." she whispers as she pulls away from his lips, shifting her body as she drops to her knees beside the bed.

His fingers lace through her hair as she takes him into her mouth. Tongue swirling as she takes him more deeply. He groans and his fingers tighten in the waves of blonde hairhair falling to her shoulders. "You do that so well, but I need to be inside you now!" he says as he reaches into his pant pocket to fish out a condom. Pressing it into her hand while his head starts to spin from the headiness of the moment. He feels her pull back for a moment, and hears the wrapper being torn open. Then her mouth is upon him again, followed by her fingertips as she deftly covers him with her lips.

She pulls her head back and looks at him with pleading eyes as she forces out the word "Now" in a hoarse whisper. She sways a bit as he pulls her to her feet, and steals a kiss as he positions her with her legs against the bed again. She feels him guide her back onto the bed, and for a moment she fleetingly thinks that she should have removed her dress sooner. Her fingers reach to unfasten the zipper and he grabs her hands.

"Don't" he groans out. "I want you to cum so hard you can't wear that dress again" he growls as he slides her panties to the side. He positions himself at her entrance. Leaning over her on the bed, one knee struggling for a position at the edge of the bed. "Slide back" he instructs.

She blindly follows his instructions. Panting with need as she feels the moisture on her thighs when his fingers reach to spread her open for him. "Now?" she pleads.

He laughs as he trades his cock for his fingers. He feels her wantonness coming off her like a palpable feeling. The lure of it pulling him deeper into her as he leans down to take her lips forcefully this time. His hard cock sinks deeply into her and he feels the shudder of her first orgasm. "Such a good girl" he grits out. This is what he'd missed... The excessively responsive pleasure seeking need that only she has. His smile fought to make its self known as his lips captured hers again while he slowly thrust into her over and over while feeling her pleasure wash over him in waves of wetness, and pulsing need. 'It really had been too long' he thought just before he lost himself in her completely.

A lovers kiss
Passionate Need

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