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Mansplaining & Heauxsplaining - Unpacked, and Stowed Where They Fit...

I have recently had something happen which totally knocked me on my butt... A man literally tried to tell me how I could appeal to more people with my ads. He also made sure he told me that he had no knowledge of the industry but I could see a lot more people if I would just do things differently.


I mean... Pardon ME?

Did I just have someone mansplain the industry to me?

Someone who didn't know what advertising sites are out there, or the guidelines on those sites?

IF this information had come from another provider then I might be more inclined to have processed the information in a more positive fashion, but I really didn't process this whole conversation well. I may have unleashed the wrath of my 'Evil Bitch' that I apparently keep firmly locked away until my nerves fray. At this point a sensible person would tell you I am a touch formidable... Another person might not be aware that they have pushed those buttons if they do not pay enough attention to the warning shots I fired.

He offered to put up ads and asked if I would be answering them, or if he would be. *eye twitch* I pointed out that my reputation would suffer as I would be seen as having a PIMP. He really did not like the use of that word.

The crappy part of this is that there was a large degree of positive that could have come from this... His condo has a guest suite which is available for a lower rate than a hotel. Part of me wants to make use of the condo, but I am not sure it is viable.

I want to go back to Heauxsplaining... 

This is often met with a number of responses. Tidbits offered in a positive fashion can be very helpful. Heck it would be amazing to have a list of ad sites again... Perhaps I will be the one who starts the list. Sharing information among others who walk along side me on my journey is always something I will try to do. 

That said... There is a way to fumble this as well.

Offering information should be a sentence or two to see if they are receptive. It could be offered if one is asked a question as well.

You should never directly tell someone what to do, or tell them what they should, or should not do. It can unwittingly trigger someones defenses so they are no longer receptive. at all. as opposed to having potentially absorbed the initial message. I have been witnessing this fairly regularly.

I know I must be guilty of stepping on others toes and based on my recent experiences. I will be attempting to be more careful in the future.

Kisses and love,

Evaline Desire

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