• Evaline Desire

Let him eat cake!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

She smiled as she saw the email notification pop up again.

She'd woken up to an email telling her that she looked like a princess the last time they'd seen each other. Needless to say it had literally started her day off in a spectacular way... Every woman deserves a chance to feel beautiful when she's waking up in the morning. The sweet messages had continued off and on through out the day... A sexy countdown toward her date.

She quickly opened her email to see another countdown message "6.5 hours away lol" he'd sent. She'd been battling a typically hectic day and this made her giggle just when she needed it most. She never quite understands how her days get so incredibly busy, but messages like these always ease her tension. With a quick response she returns to the tasks at hand while she mentally makes a list of everything she needs to get done before he arrives.

An hour later she pauses to note the time, opens her phone and sends "5.5 hours!" with a wicked grin on her face. He truly has no idea what she has up her sleeve for this evening! Realizing that she's running short on time she enlists some help... If she can just pull it off...

A few more messages fly back and forth as she puts together the finishing touches, and then she sees the message. "Hey I’m here, though a bit early! Let me know when you’re ready! No rush! :)"

Her fingers quickly move to type instructions as her phone rings. It's him! She answers and walks him through the instructions on how to get to her while she glances down for one final once over. She opened the door with a smile as he stepped up to it. 'Now it really begins' she thought to herself as she led him to the bedroom.

He quickly excuses himself to the shower. He had looked so disappointed when he'd asked her to join him, and she'd declined. "Hopefully he's got a sweet tooth" she thought as she slipped off to the kitchen. By the time he reentered the room she had managed to place a plate on each nightstand. Beautiful, fluffy white angel food cake, topped with a smooth white frosting that looked, and tasted like melted marshmallows.

She stepped around the end of the bed to greet him with a kiss (which quickly deepened). Piece by piece her outfit came off until only her stockings remained. Laying face down with her head turned so she could glance back at him... He started to explore. The more he explored... The more his hands and lips learned her body. Off came the stockings and garter belt, and then that cake!

She giggled as the cold touched her skin, and moaned as the cold was quickly licked away by his hot tongue. The smooth, silky frosting leaving trails of sweetness across her skin as her body arched to feel his lips on her skin...

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