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I recently received a text message that made my head spin in so many different directions. "Hi i m brown want bbfs with cip how much hh and h baby and I can't wait to eat u r pussy and make u cum multiple times" The opening words would have been enough to make me pause (race comments throw me off), but this was just the beginning... Truthfully there's a blog post brewing over this, but that is for another time. This blog post is about safety, and personal health. Yours, mine, and our community. I'm not going to say I understand how someone comes to the point where they randomly select another person online, and send a request for something which might result in a paternity test or a life long health altering gift. While I'm flattered that they clearly feel I would make an excellent co-parent... I just cannot accommodate an 18 year appointment. Okay! I know I shouldn't make a joke, but this has to be comedic fiction. Surely people don't make choices like this... Or do they?🤔 I stay current on the current stats... I stay current on the available products... I also stay current enough to know that this does indeed happen. Why it's not for me. I could recite statistical data, or reference past situations where health issues flooded through the adult community... But I won't. I don't actually feel it is my responsibility to type those things. Anyone on this site clearly has access to all of the CDC & WHO data. In addition to this... They've clicked to acknowledge, and indicate that they are an adult.

So why am I typing this? Why is going without not a good idea for me? Somewhere in my blog I've referenced my views on parenting. This should indicate that at least one time in my life I might have experienced what it feels like to not have that coverage. Unfortunately it also means I have found out that this is not often a positive experience for me. I have a rather sensitive body in some respects and it turns out I react negatively to certain proteins (you probably see what this is leading up to). One of the proteins I've had a reaction to is seminal fluid. 😥😢😭 For many years after I first experienced this I was convinced my sex life was going to be very different. I already knew I had developed issues with latex so this was a really big kick in the pants. I'd tried anything on the market at the time, and I'd resigned myself to monogamy. I know this sounds like I'm bashing monogamous relationships. I assure you that I see value in them, but they are not what I have a predisposition towards. Fast forward a few years & two very positive things happened from my perspective. Firstly I'd had time to do a lot of research. It turns out that 'Seminal Plasma Sensitivity' may not cause me to be affected by all samples. There may be a point where I meet someone, settle down and "fluid bond" (a term used in the polyamorous community and kink community frequently). If so then it might work for me after all. Secondly and more importantly... There were advancements in available non-latex options! Polyisoprene is absolutely fantastic, and far better with my body chemistry than the predecessor polyurethane. So at the end of the day... My lady bits like things gift wrapped like a present. Careful or I might just stick a bow on it too!

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