• Evaline Desire

Hot Chocolate... Licking my lips and purring in delight... Meeting a friend.

The phone rings, and I answer with a sultry hello. The conversation is brief, yet informative and I am off to meet a friend.

My nerves are high, and my pulse is racing. I'm never quite sure what will come from a phone call like this. As I travel the thoughts flit through my mind wildly. So many questions, and so many variables. It's exciting and unnerving all at once.

What will be said? What will happen? Is it strange to be mulling over the menu and trying to decide what flavour I might be in the mood for before we even get to our destination? Do I really feel like going out? Should I have said "let's meet another time"? Oh no... I'm 5 minutes away now... Do I look okay? Is my hair a mess? Should I put on lip gloss? No time for makeup to be touched up. What about finding this place? I hate when the place cannot be found... Should I have suggested a place I know?

The vehicle is parked now. I pick up my phone and call. "I'm here..." Now I am certain I have the correct place. The first of many answers.

I get out, gather my purse, straighten my clothing and take a deep breath.

There is my companion standing in the doorway. A smile lights my eyes as I approach. A subtle greeting as I enter, and make my way inside. I am taking in every nuance, and glancing around. The place looks nice, and my friend is soft spoken. Staring at me discreetly with a smile on their lips.

I set my purse down and turn to embrace my friend. Still not quite sure what I am in the mood for. I leave it in my friends hands for once. Relinquishing a bit of control to see where this evening will lead.

I'm presented with hot chocolate. Sweet, strong, and fierce. The first taste touching my lips made me purr. I wasn't entirely sure my eyes didn't roll back into my head. My tongue darts out for a taste... The sweetness is delightful. The contrast with the intense heat has my mind reeling. This isn't that cloying kind of sweet, but rather the rich, intense flavour which you want to last. That little bite to it keeps it from becoming too much.

I can feel my body heating from head to toe, and I feel my body relax. More questions answered as I realize this was exactly what I needed. Each mouth watering taste made me want to cry out in bliss. How did I think I had been ready to go to bed and attempt to will myself to sleep!

My friend and I lose ourselves in deep discourse. The smile never left my face as I savoured every incredible sensation. Eyes twinkling with mischief as I watch my friend enjoy their vanilla latte...

I think I see the end of my hot chocolate drawing near and I slow down. Change things up a bit... Savour more deeply.

We lingered there after the last taste. Not wanting to part ways... Alas the night drew to a close. We knew another round would have tasted incredibly sweet, and yet it might have been too much. Better to savour it, and wait for the next time we meet again.

As I drifted off to sleep that night I smiled over my evening and realized I would absolutely sleep soundly. The sweet hot chocolate but a memory to smile over on the days to come.

From the first, sweet, taste...
Sexy Sips

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