• Evaline Desire

Her lips on his...

She sat there with a smile on her lips... Her hand moved upward and her fingertips brushed her swollen lips. The lingering memory of the stolen kisses was still fresh in her mind. How was she going to make it through the rest of the day until they met for dinner?

Thinking back it wasn't suppose to happen like this. They'd never crossed paths through her day job. She'd made sure of it, but this time was the exception to her rules. Heck it was all her rules thrown out the window by way of an elevator ride. Imagine her shock when the doors opened on the 22nd floor to let on her 7 p.m. dinner date!

"Hi there!" she'd said with a sparkle in her eyes. She'd never have said a word if anyone else had been on the elevator but life works in funny ways and for once she was completely alone. Impossibly alone in one of Toronto's busiest office buildings with one of the sexiest clients she had. He was so smart, and a bit geeky... She has a total weakness for brains.

She certainly hadn't expected to run into him... Even though she knew he worked in the area because he had raced through the P.A.T.H. system a few times for their lunch time trysts. Those were some very sexy trysts!

He'd leaned towards her, and she felt her breath hitch a little as his lips closed over hers. Quickly... Furiously... He'd kissed her before growling out the word "tonight!" She had nodded as the doors opened and he stepped off the elevator. Shaking her head a little to clear her thoughts... She'd stepped off the elevator and walked through the ground floor. Her feet somehow carrying her toward where she now sat sipping her Venti Chai Latte with 2 pumps of Cinnamon Dolce. A stolen moment to try to compose her thoughts before she was to sit through her afternoon meeting. Here she was thinking of her next tryst instead of preparing for negotiating the next contract. Visions of deep kisses as she leaned back against the wall, and roaming hands were consuming her thoughts. She absent mindedly sipped her drink and continued to think of his kiss. The soft sigh leaving her lips as she moved to stand... 'No rest for the wicked... Not even my thoughts' she mused to herself as she walked back towards the elevators. 'Tonight' she thought as she felt the smile curl on her lips.

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