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Dirty Pretty Things And All

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

I was sitting in my car about a week ago when I had the most remarkable moment of clarity.This song had come on... It was a bit more pop then I typically gravitate towards, but it was catchy.Too catchy to resist.The song was Bad Habits by Delaney Jane, and it touched me to my very core. Why fight what my soul longs for?

I don't even think I registered the lyrics until about half way through (that whole concentrating on driving really gets in the way of music enjoyment at times), and then the words hit me. So much so that I pulled over, used my Shazam, and grabbed the name of the song so I could pull up the lyrics. I probably looked like I was wild eyed in shock as I searched them out. Could someone have really written a song that resonated so clearly with my wants, needs and sexual inclinations?

If you have not heard the song yet here is a link:

With Lyrics opening with:

Close the door Take it off of me Take it off for me Clothes on the floor

My mind was swirling with a million memories. Memories which have kept me floating through the years...

Then the lyrics dipped into the reality of my fetish, and how it truly is a:

Compulsive indulgence

And addressed the root of things... This truly is my favourite! You see:

You'll always be my white rabbit My favorite bad habit

When I heard this part the second time I played it:

I said never again But here you are in my bed

I knew I really had made my choice.

So lets go down the rabbit hole, dirty pretty things and all.

So later that day (within the hour) I reached out to the lovely Allysa Jayden who seconded my very naughty inclinations, and threw in some very sexy incentive.

I really look forward to experiencing the evolution of Evaline Desire. It is a new approach to indulging my particular proclivities (and to keeping me from climbing the walls with urgent need of satisfying those proclivities).

Sexy kisses, and naughty gropes,


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