My Interest Is Piqued

Fascination is a wondrous thing to share

I found myself pondering what I might enjoy knowing about another whom I was going to spend time with. Through the rest of the site I have shared my quirky, playful take on adult games, or attributes which make me who I am. This page is more about sharing things which have caught my eye. Perhaps a short blurb, or a photo with description. In time I may expound upon these further within my blog, or perhaps add or remove things as I evolve. It's certainly not required reading, but sometimes we just need to delve a little deeper into the heart of a Blonde PAWG.

Poetry In Motion & At Rest

I find beauty in many types of movement, and yet I marvel at the capacity for some to truly rest. No two people are alike in how they choose to spend their leisure time. I have come to recognize this very clearly over the past 10 years or so.

I am the type of person who cannot seem to sit still when I am traveling somewhere new that interests me. I want to experience EVERYTHING from the moment I arrive, until the moment I am home. I will absolutely need a vacation from my vacation in most circumstances. There is truly nothing wrong with this way of being, and yet I find myself marveling about those who can truly tuck it all away and embrace the slower pace.

I have come a long way in learning what I now see as a very important skill set, but I am not 'there' yet. I realize I may never truly find that is a fit with who I am, but I am now able to appreciate the times where I have taken a pause and simply enjoyed life.

In my exploration I have been able to do a bit of traveling (I would absolutely love to do more), and I have also been exploring a bit closer to home.

My questions to you are:

When was the last time you simply admired a sunset, or possibly a sunrise? Or gaze upon the moon, and the stars with wonder?

Care to join me in marveling over the wonders of the world?

Silver Glitter Stilettos

They Touch My Sole

If you happened to scan back through my social media (or I take a few photos) you might find a reference or two to shoes. I have a love of great shoes.

I am not simply referring to the sexiest, or most stylish (though I often really like the look of them), but I truly love great shoes & boots. Those ones we sometimes think of in the same regard as we hold fairy tales. So comfortable they cannot be real, and so sexy I feel like a complete Goddess in them.

The well crafted ones are sometimes a stretch on the budget, but I do it to keep my feet happy, and a smile upon my lips. The exceptionally crafted ones are a whole other matter. They end up becoming these unattainable wish list items for me... I put them on my mental list of things I really should treat myself to, and then one by one I cross them off as fiscal responsibility rears it's ugly head.

Even when I worked in positions where there was a level of conformity required... Shoes truly became an outlet for expression. Paired with a great scarf, eye catching bracelet and possibly tied in with an amazing handbag - even the men looked twice as I pranced by them.

The best part about shoes, handbags, bracelets and scarves? No amount of Tiramisu & Espresso will ever stifle my enjoyment of these expressive accessories.

Bound By Intrigue

I debated sharing a bit about my thoughts on the ties that bind... In a very sexy way. I find it erotic to look at, the materials with a softer, or smoother feel are incredibly enticing, and the knowledge that someone trusts another in such a fashion makes me positively marvel.

I won't say I have never been bound, but it takes trust of such magnitude that it really becomes quite elusive. I am on the other hand quite blessed to have a friend or two who are willing to let me re-learn my single column tie.

I lean heavily toward the softer glide of hemp over jute, just as I would be one to use the bondage tape over duct tape or packing tape (even if the nastier options make me giggle a little).

The sensual surrender involved in the experience really becomes indescribable. I was completely out of touch with this side of myself for a long time, and I am looking forward to recreating my kit so I can explore further. A little bit of leather only goes so far when it makes your eyes sparkle with mischief. Then again a hint of lace can make one come completely undone.

I am blessed to have a number of friends to draw inspiration from, and to encourage me in the creation of a few unique pieces of my own. They push me to embrace both my fierceness, and my more sensual touch.