Frequently Asked Questions

Things You Should Consider

Q: How fast can you get here? Can I see you right now?

A: In 3 minutes!
(Translation: Typically I find accommodating short notice a bit complicated. Less so when I am visiting you if you catch me at a time when I do not have plans, but I still prefer 60 - 90 minutes to get ready plus travel time. If you hope to visit me then you absolutely need to plan.)

Q: Why are you not responding? I really need an answer quickly.

A: Because my implanted device broke and needed to be sent out for repairs!
(Translation: Between driving my car (safely), and personal life obligations I often cannot instantaneously respond. Sometimes I can respond with a shorter response but extensive, detail oriented messages require more than a quick missive. I do try to reply within 12-24 hours for emails and DM's. Please try to limit texts to 1 or 2 before I reply.)

Q: What's on your menu?

A: Well I am quite partial to Italian, Greek or Japanese foods. I am rather eclectic, and I enjoy menu surfing as much as the next person... I am so glad you want to share a bite to eat with a sexy small BBW as well. Playing makes everyone famished!
(Translation: I am adventurous, a bit kinky, I love to S/switch things up at times, but I always play it safe... That's my comfort level.)

Q: Are you always a smart aleck/bratty/tongue in cheek?

A: Not if I am in my 'oh so serious' mood.
(Translation: When I am posed with a serious question, or situation I will take it seriously. In times where I am in a playful head space I may be a wee bit of a Brat. Truthfully I cry watching Rom-Coms, get misty eyed over being given a flower, and am the girl next door who likes sitting there eating ice cream while watching the sunset... But you may still want to swat me on my bottom for sticking my tongue out at life.)

Q: How old are your photos?

A: I am mostly using selfies right now so those are pretty current. I intend to have photos taken ASAP, but I am trying to figure out how to get them taken by a non-industry photographer I have in mind. Any professional photos I have at this time are carefully selected, and used judiciously as they were not intended for Evaline Desire.

Q: Do you date outside of this?

A: I am tremendously flattered that you would consider dating me. In or out of 'this' as it seems to be termed. I am at heart a free spirit, and I love the variety. To be perfectly honest I have a horrible track record with monogamy, but I am incredible as a GFE or PSE!

Q: How much notice do you need to travel?

A: 12-24 hours notice is preferred for extended driving (over 2.5 hours), and 24-48 hours notice is a minimum for flights. I do have a passport, but I also have to make sure all my loose ends are tied up (or possibly untied as a friend pointed out) before I pack my bags for a jaunt.