If I had enough money & time, I'd be seeing Evaline every week. Unfortunately, I can't, so I'm leaving it up to you gents to enjoy her talents...

librarian, TERB.cc & TheEroticReview.com

Evaline is as bodacious as ever.


This is the first of hopefully many more visits to come


petermellow, SP411.cc

Very fine woman!



Hope she comes back to London to visit.


daty lover, SP411.cc

This girl will not only make you forget about your worries, she will make you forget about the world around you as well. Thanks so much Eva and I’ll see you again soon!

Lost Prophet, On SP411.cc

Your friendship is priceless πŸ˜˜

Your rates are spot on and worth every penny


D748408, twitter.com

Just wanted you to know that you make my life a better place.


South Pa, twitter.com

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