Exploring Evaline Desire

~ Thick thighs and sparkling eyes ~

I am a late-30's curvaceous, blonde bombshell. I've got delicious breasts, a bouncy bottom and thick thighs (they save lives don't you know!).

The bra I'm wearing is from Adore Me in a 40I, and their panties are a 0X, 1X or 2X depending on the style (other brands have alternate sizing so please check before you gift outside of this line).

I wear a size 9/Euro 40 in shoes, but I only wear heels on request (otherwise I'm over 6 feet in my shoes so please ask if you desire them). Before you ask ~ 5'9"-ish is my height.

I wear everything from an XL to a size 18 (points to thighs, breasts and bottom 😘), so shopping for me without direction can be an issue... I do love putting on fashion shows after a shopping trip with friends though!

Who I intrinsically am at my core is almost a mission statement in my life. One has to truly embrace their inner core to explore the facets of sexuality, and verve for life that I've chosen to embrace. Please read below for a bit of insight into my delicious delights.

I am:
· an articulate, enthusiastic conversationalist who loves to read (translation: verbose and wordy)
· an adventurous free spirit who loves to travel and explore (translation: always on the go and forgets to sit and relax)
· passionate about my creative pursuits, and exploring others creativity (translation: I occasionally lose track of time in artistic pursuits so I may forget social media at times)
· rather fond of ink as an artistic medium, and the final composition is very well placed upon completion (translation: I have made the choice to place my own art on my body - tasteful, often called elegant, pretty, or eye catching - more importantly they are all deeply meaningful for me)
· completely behind the times with personal devices (translation: I have a really cool android cell phone I am still figuring out a year after I got it, and I finally know how to use smart TV's - I would love a macbook someday)
· quirky, funny, a wee bit geeky, and a bit of a nerd (translation: remind me that not everyone loves things like the symbol for oxytocin necklaces if I'm geeking out too much)
· mildly entertaining in a number of ways (translation: I do actually giggle over my own jokes and shenanigans)
· intensely passionate, and perhaps more than a wee bit kinky. I believe that the art of the Courtesan is within the realm of R. A. C. K., and I choose to play safely and sanely (translation: I play wholeheartedly, and I may have a few fetishes I love indulged should our kinks align. If not... Your kink is not my kink, but that's okay as long as it is consensual)
· limiting my play partners to 2-3 per week unless I am joining a friend and making hay while the sun is shining (translation: I play for the thrill of it... This has to bring all parties pleasure)
· someone with specific eating habits, but a total foodie (translation: I really like to eat great food, but I am careful about what I am eating due to issues with certain foods)